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General Discussion

MS Fatigue; Common but NO DRUGS APPROVED!

  • By lfitch1

    This really steams me. I’ve been struggling with this horrid disease since 1996, finally diagnosed in 2003, and have been repeatedly told that one of the most common symptoms is fatigue. Yet any of the drugs available to help with this very serious symptom is not approved for MS. In fact there are none approved. Even if one helps you, insurance won’t pay for it and even if your doctor protests, they still won’t pay for the drugs. That means not one is available for MS.

    That means more problems, forget about working, trying to keep up with your own life, or keeping a sunny hopeful attitude, when you are exhausted, all seems bleak, and I dare one more perky health professional to tell me to exercise to overcome it!

    What troubles me is why haven’t we demanded approval of these drugs so insurance will cover them? God knows we are tapped out paying for drugs that might or might not delay more of our eminent disability. Saddled with tests and physical therapy and therapy of all sorts when a lot could just be helped by having the energy for living. Is anyone listening?
    Because I don’t have the energy or will to repeat myself.

  • By cwilliams

    I know exactly what you are talking about since my most bothersome symptom is chronic fatigue.I work full time and I patties it dearly every weekend not to mention during the week as well.I feel if I hear go get out and enjoy the beautiful weather one more time ,I am going to scream! If only it was that simple. It took years for me to be diagnosed as well.I started having symptoms around 2008 and it took until 2015 for a diagnosis of RRMS.Unfortunately,I don’t have good days at all anymore so I feel that it has progressed.I have symptoms everyday and they don’t remit. I have recently started having numbness and tingling in my right arm that doesn’t seem to go away.I used to be bouncing off the wall with energy before my diagnosis. My house was cleaned every weekend. That’s in the past now. Tasks that I used to take for granted are no more .for me. Sorry to sound so down but I guess that I am today. People do not understand our fatigue so I have quit trying to explain.I am sorry that you are having such terrible fatigue. MS sucks!!

  • By sandyz

    May or may not be approved but my doc perscribes Amantadine for my fatigue and my insurance pays for it. But my insurance pays for my copaxone too. But anyway you look at it ms fatigue sucks. Amantadine isnt perfect but it does help.

  • By Stephanie

    What is Amantadine? Maybe I need that!! My insurance pats for my Copaxone, but having Medicare, my co-pay is about $500, so thankfully I have co-payment assisance to help with that!

  • By Nomdeplume

    Have you tried Provigil (modafinil)? I understand some folks have a hard time getting their insurance to approve it, but it has helped me a lot.

  • By 4gracie4

    I feel you need to have a neurologist with vast MS knowledge and compassion…first diagnosed in 2011…doctor gave me a card from the manufacturer of Nuvigil…one 250 mg. a day….months later I felt I needed a kick in the pm to make it through the day…through my writings to manufacturer and the Dr.s nurse. I was able to receive a 90 day supply of 135 250mg tabs absolutely FREE…the foundation for this still exists! google it!…anyway my wife eventually got insurance so the Nuvigil people cut me off…no big deal even with ins, the nurse at your dr’s office should have a card for you for 30day supply for $5 a month…..when I told my neuro about the 11/2 pills I used to take she simply wrote an RX for Provigil as my pm kick….now I’m taking a 250mg nuvigil in am and a 200mg Provigil in pm….this has been a great solution…obviously my pharmacist knows about this because i told her i used to take 375mg of Nuvigil……she just wanted to hear a verbal ok from my doc saying I could take both…all this being said you should start with the the rx company they are called Teva….just google that and you will find the foundation application for free Nuvigil!!!! Good luck