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General Discussion

MS or NMO?

  • By ChrisG

    Hi, for around 3-4 years I have seen a succession of neurologists who say I have NMO, and others who say I have secondary progressive MS. It is quite confusing, I’m pretty fluent with the symptoms and treatments, I’m just curious has anyone else been in a similar situation? And if so did you ever find a conclusion? Thanks!

  • By Catgirl66

    Hi, Chris. Yes, shortly after my MS diagnosis I changed doctors, because my first neurologist was a jerk. Anyhow, the next doctor was an MS/NMO specialist who felt that my symptoms were more likely NMO than MS, mostly because of the presence of 2 lesions on my spinal cord & the presenting symptom of optic neuritis. He was a really good doctor & a very nice person, but unfortunately decided to move back to India somewhere between my 2nd & 3rd visit:( Hope you get it all sorted out! Cathy

  • By Anne the Magnificent Mser

    I was suspected of having NMO several years ago but the Mayo Clinic has a blood test available at this time and mine came back negative. I have so many weird symptoms they thought I might have a disease called Lambert Eaton Myasthenia Syndrome but of course my test for that was negative. My Sjogrens test also came back negative until I insisted on a lip biopsy which proved most definitely I also have Sjogrens. I am headed down to the Mayo because I overlap every speciality and no one knows how to treat me. I have all the normal MS symptoms plus others like complete autonomic neuropathy failure etc. I have been very angry and frustrated but I saw my immunologist whom I have only seen twice in the last year and he was rather po’ed at the other docs for taking me off medications that helped me. They wouldn’t treat unless I has a particular disease DX. Dr Shapiro says I do have Sjogrens 2ndary progressive MS but he feels we will never figure out the extent of immune damage going on in my body. His conclusion was what I need. Treat the symptoms with what works and the heck with test results. Good Luck.