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MS Support Group High Park Toronto

  • By ellj

    I am a recent member of this wonderful group which meets every 2nd Saturday.

    My name is Laurence. DX 1997 PPMS Employed until 2000. Committed to a wheelchair in 2005.

    Apart from Multiple Sclerosis I enjoy pretty good health.

    Began this forum on speculation that other members of our group might find it and other forums and info, useful.

    Will see what develops ……………

  • By ellj

    Hi Penny, thx

    Too bad the Cdn Society doesn’t have this

    There is quite a bit of info here as well!

  • By ellj

    Hey, this is good – good for me, hope others will enjoy –

    Why I Ride
    Posted by Christie Germans—October 10th, 2013


  • By ellj

    Another article which excites me:

    FDA Approves Unique Stem Cell Therapy Trial in MS Patients
    Posted by Lisa Emrich—August 28th, 2013

  • By ellj

    Hi again,

    just received this email from Debra and want her to know that she’s not alone with this problem – I too and many other MSer’s have this problem:

    Debra COBURN
    6:20 AM
    Hi All
    Won’t be able to make meeting this morning. Been awake since 2 am for some crazy reason… so hoping I will be able to nod off soon! Have a good meeting and see you all in 2 weeks

    What can we do?