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General Discussion

New member…Old to MS!

  • By nxd280

    Hi! I’m 33, but have had MS since age 17. Recently joined because I’ve realized I have no real support.
    Also I have no other MS friends, and it’s always great knowing someone “gets it”.

  • By stivenalbert

    Okay, but try to not think about yourself. Try to help another person. And after this, you will get real friends. Work with your fears. And try to dissociate from stress, it pulls you down And move slowly.

  • By Donna Steigleder Moderator

    Welcome to, nxd280, I’m glad you found our site. We have lots of members in our community who are at various stages in their life with MS. Hopefully, many of the stories shared will give you encouragement, and you will find both support and fellowship.

    We also have a Facebook site for 24/7 conversations if you are into social media! We strive to be there for whatever you may need. Please feel free to reach out and ask if you have a question. Take care. Donna Steigleder, Moderator

  • By JenDeTracey

    Hi @nxd280,
    I have felt this way too. It can be very isolating so it great to know that there are others who also experience this as well. Now that you have been part of the forum for a while how are you doing now?

  • By mwrightorlando

    Hi nxd280!

    Welcome to the community… Am new also to the site and have found it to be a great source of new friends, great information, raw stories that make you feel less alone, as well as some much needed comradarie.

    Always here if you are feeling lonely. Will send you a friend request. Look forward to getting to know you…


    • By scooper3722

      Good morning, life goes on with MS. I have had it for 35 years and still waiting & talking.

  • By vvxjr9

    @nxd280 – welcome aboard. We are all here for the same reasons that you listed. No real support and no other MS friends. There will always be someone here so that you’re never been alone again. MS is a very isolated life sometimes and can get a person down. So cheer up, we are here for you!

  • By scooper3722

    Good afternoon 😉,

    Hope you are getting some emotional and physical support. Helps me realize that life goes on when you have MS. The exciting news is that they are still looking for a cure.

    Hope you can enjoy your day,

    Sincerely, Susan

  • By scooper3722

    Good morning, You are very beautiful. I’m Susan Mom of 2 adults and have 4 grandchildren. Have had MS for 36 years. Still walking & talking 😉. Have used steroids, betaseron, avonex and now medicine infusions every many months.

    Have an awesome day.


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    • By Tdnon5

      My name is Yvette iam 51 still Mobil have been on aubagio for years now I recently lost alot of weight and continue had my edg today waiting results I have other health issues I have to consider has anyone dealt with this issue

  • By bayard42

    We are about the same age . I’m 73. We re not a actually close in age . In college I majored in history. Never took a math course or one on how make a bagel w/wo creme cheese.
    It’s guts to join this group I guess. You got guts. Like no kidding.

    You’re my first response .

    I hope to go over my fading sunset anger.
    I do believe the professional health people are not lining up in long lines , the i work on improving your life , won’t listen to there’s nothing that can be done.

    Got this MS city at age 58. G-d said come forth. I didn’t listen for a change I went 5th.

    • By Tdnon5

      Has any body health with unintenual weight loss

  • By scooper3722

    Have seen people who suddenly loose weight have diabetes. See a doctor they can resolve your issue. Good luck.

  • By LyndseyC

    Hi – me too! 21 years diagnosed and only now finding my MS friends. I’m setting up a support network at work as them is something I want to help newly diagnosed people realise, you are not alone 🙂

  • By Janus Galante Moderator

    Hi nxd280,
    I hope that here, you have found the friends and support you were hoping for.
    We have an awesome community and am so very glad to have you here!