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Goneawall commented on the post, Body Image 1 day, 17 hours ago

Thank you for writing this. I’m new to this. 44. Was having some odd physical problems for years. Was diagnosed 7 months ago. I was a coach/ptrainer. Retired fighter and brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt. Obviously I’ve done many other things. Just really liked helping people.
That’s all ended now. Retiring from coaching and recently moved out of…

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sevensix replied to the topic Weather in the forum General Discussion 2 days, 3 hours ago

We moved to a slightly warmer climate from a slightly cooler environ into a house with AC. Being intolerant of temps above 72 our first summer was relatively hot so we set the thermostat at a chilly 69 degrees to match the average temp in our former 49th state. Now that we have been here several years acclimated to the wx the thermostat is set…

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