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Hi, my name is Calie and I am a 25 year old wife and momma to an extremely rambunctious little boy! I was diagnosed with Relapse-Remitting MS when I was 14 years old. After coming to terms with the diagnosis at such a young age, I was completely overcome with shame, guilt, and fear. To be honest, I was terrified. I couldn't believe that my body had betrayed me like that and that I had a disease. An incurable one at that.

By Calie Wyatt - November 9, 2017
My main Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are scarce, thankfully. For me, these symptoms include fatigue and lassitude, muscle weakness and occasional pain. Arm and leg weakness is something I want to focus on... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - September 11, 2017
This last weekend, I drove 6 hours to go home and see my mom. She had surgery on Tuesday, and due to complications she became severely ill. If you’ve read one of... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - August 17, 2017
I have written a few articles about the benefits eating healthy and exercising have given me. I even just wrote an article about the benefits of Yoga and how it has helped... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - August 15, 2017
I’ve had a tremor since as long as I can remember. It started with my just my hands and as I’ve gotten older has progressed to my head as well. I’ve done... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - August 10, 2017
My mind goes blank, I feel like all the education I have has gone out the window, and my head hurts trying to think straight. I get frustrated because I know I’m... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - August 4, 2017
My dearest friend recently wrote a blog post that I just loved. She describes how now that she is grieving the loss of her father, when Father’s Day rolled around she could... READ MORE