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Hi, my name is Calie and I am a 25 year old wife and momma to an extremely rambunctious little boy! I was diagnosed with Relapse-Remitting MS when I was 14 years old. After coming to terms with the diagnosis at such a young age, I was completely overcome with shame, guilt, and fear. To be honest, I was terrified. I couldn't believe that my body had betrayed me like that and that I had a disease. An incurable one at that.

By Calie Wyatt - May 15, 2017
I have found a new hobby that I absolutely love, and want to share with all of my readers! Yoga! As you’ve probably read in some of my previous articles, I fell... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - March 13, 2017
Before I begin, I want to say that within this article I will talk a lot about my faith. My faith is something that I believe has carried me through many things... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - December 23, 2016
As I sat and drank my coffee this morning while my toddler napped, I thought to myself: I can’t even remember what life was like before MS. I wonder what it’s like... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - November 3, 2016
MS has aged me. I’m not talking about your typical aging-crow’s feet, wrinkled hands and bad hips-when I say that MS has aged me, I mean it has given me an old... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - October 26, 2016
When I was three years old my right eye began to turn in. I also had signs of clonus, which is defined as involuntary and rhythmic muscle contractions caused by permanent lesion... READ MORE