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Assistive Technologies

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  1. Need a HFAD

    Years ago before my dx, my hip would sometimes not want to work. At the time I assumed that I had simply slept in a bad position. Many years later, I was trying to regain my walk after a flair. The therapist said my Hip was not working properly. Since then, I have been paying attention to my hip when I walk. I notice how my hip is working or not.

    I am now considering using an assistive device for my hip. You may have heard of it, Hip Flexion Assistive Device HFAD. Google it if need be. Here's the problem. How do I find out if its right for me? I don't want to buy it until I am confident that it will help AND that I will be able to use it.

    How would you go about it?

    1. Hello, JustsayN,

      You might contact the customer service people and ask whether a trained clinician could meet with you for a consultation and evaluation. This is done for the various FES devices we use for foot drop to make sure it's right for us before we fork over the cash. If there is no evaluation process for this device, they might at least offer a free trial period.

      Hope this helps.


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