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bladder issues

Howdy. I've been coping with the delight and glory of PPMS (such a joy) and I'm wondering if anyone out there has struggled with random bladder urgency issues. Well, there's that and complete lack of control and random on and off feelings of UTI presence.

  1. I can tell you it’s your lucky day!! I was diagnosed with PPMS at 60 yrs old still working as a nurse and wow this hits me. Uncontrolled bladder and bowels. I was totally embarrassed. I had to give up work at 62. I tell my Neurologist everything and he tried several medications before we got to one that worked. He sent me to GI MD and again many trials on different meds including Imodium. Well he finally found one that works and now after 3 years both issues controlled and manageable. I am free to be with family and friends more often. Speak with Neurologist or PCP let them know what’s going on and hopefully they can find a way to manage yours. I even had to go through bowel and bladder training. It was not an easy journey but it happens to the best of us. Here’s hoping you get relief soon.

    1. it has been much better. I’m on trospium 2 x a day. It controls it pretty good. Sometimes I drink too much water and may have a mishap but that’s on me. If I drink 4 bottles water a day I’m good.

    2. thanks for sharing your update. It's wonderful to hear what's working for you. And yes, pacing the water throughout the day is always helpful. Do you find it to be difficult to stay hydrated in the summer time or is it not an issue for you?
      Alene, Moderator

  2. Hi . I hope your doctor is able to help with the bladder issues. That lack of control can be so limiting and debilitating. Here is an interview one of our advocates conducted with a urologist about MS and the bladder: I thought it might interest you. I hope this helps and that you get some relief. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. yes every minute of the day it's so bad the joke in our house is that I've visited every loo in the country! It is now not possible to get controll of my bladder unless I go for a pee before and after I go out in the car as soon as I stand up getting out of the car ; that's it I can't get past the doorstep I'm peeing ,I have a very strong flow and all the things I've tried sheaths with a bag , a womble using medical glue, we call that a stickadictome Haha and nappy pads all leak for differing reasons it's not good my pee dissolves the glue, on the sheaths and the power of my pee finds any weak spots on the nappy pads, they are talking about botox to calm the job down, I am not holding my breath

      1. - I think I have reached the point where it can't be controlled. I am going through a lot of pads.

    2. I appreciate you sharing! I've heard about the botox injection. I'm not especially thrilled about having an injection into my bladder... or however it's done. I HOPE that yours is a tolerable and successful experience if that's what you decide. My heart goes out to you for the misery you deal with.

      1. - Hi, I have gone to a urologist, who unfortunately moved to an inconvenient location. At the time he was talking about surgery and it sure wasn't Botox.

      2. I can’t use pads I use Depends. If I have a mishap the flow is too great for pads. As a retired nurse it was hard to get use to it but I wanted to stay dry. I am 67 and been using them since I was 62. It works. Can’t tell I have them on.

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