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Botox injections for leg spasticity?

I have significant spasticity in my right calf and ankle. Baclofen or medical marijuana has not helped at all. My physiatrist has scheduled me for botox injections in ankle and calf.
Has anyone had any experience with botox injections? Any relief? Any obnoxious side effects?
I have PPMS and thankfully have progressed very slowly over 16 years. But now my walking has gotten way more"off" and I am constantly vigilant about fall risks and therefore, highly anxious.
I do use a cane when outside and do 'wall walking and furniture cruising' when inside.

  1. Hi . I know that some members have had Botox injections for spasticity, but I haven't seen anything about negative side effects. Hopefully, that's a good thing. I hope other community members chime in here to talk about their experiences. Fingers crossed that this is the solution to your spasticity and that you experience no side effects. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

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