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And advice for changing doctors after moving?

Hi. I'm new at the site bur not new to ms. I've been seeing my neuro for 16 years. However I moved and changing ms center is more convenient. The center is recognized by national ms. However still stuffing with final decision. Any thoughts? Rose

  1. Hi Rosemary!
    Thank you so much for being joining our community. We are so glad that you posted! Changing doctors, especially since you've been with the same one for 16 years can be quite scary, although necessary (and convenient) since your move. We are glad to hear that it is recognized by the National MS society. Thinking of it in a positive light, the new physician may have a different way of looking at various things such as treatment or research that may be of beneficial value.
    We are thinking of you through this tough transition! You will make the best decision for you!
    Meagan, Team Member

    1. I was in the care of one of the top MS neuros in the country for years, then moved to a small town in SC. Was sure I was in trouble with this. The neuro is fine, but it's his OFFICE that's so maddening. They could not care less. They're gate keepers who keep patients from seeing the neuro. Oh, and here, regardless of whether it's your neuro or your GP, if it's after hours or on a Friday AT ALL, there's no one on call. You have to get to the ER, and there's only one here. THAT'S the worst of it. The clinic you're talking about sounds like a very good bet, and if you're patient (no pun intended), I'm pretty sure you'll find positive things about it. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hi Rose~I'd bite the bullet and try the new clinic. If you don't feel right about it, it sounds as if you have the option to go back to your original doc. You may get a whole new perspective and info that could change a lot more than your location! I know how hard it is to have to move and change everything. It'll all work out the way it's supposed to!!

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