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Clothing question for the ladies

I have found that all of my clothes are super uncomfortable and trigger my symptoms really bad. I was able to find pants to replace my leggings, and replacement tops that aren't terrible, but having a really hard time finding a good bra that contains no metal (allergic) and no clasps (tremors) that doesn't squeeze the life out of me. Do any of you have recommendations for clothing brands that are lightweight and breathe, and are not squeezing the everloving soul out of me?

  1. thanks so much for sharing such a relatable and important topic. In thinking about an option that doesn't have a clasp, I imagine it would have to be something that goes over your head. Are you able to do that? I know that they have bralette style bras that can be really nice. They're not as tight as sport bras, they have some softer fabrics and even organic options if you need that.

    So, that might be a good option to consider. I'm sure others will join this conversation and share their perspective and experience too, but I hope that this helps in the meantime.
    Alene, Moderator

    1. Alene L. Brennan, RYT I have been wearing sports bras, can't do over the head but can step through and pull up lol. I will definitely check out the bralette style! Between the snug fit and the lack of breathability, I am just so very uncomfortable. Thank you for the suggestion

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