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Cognitive Dysfunction

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  1. Can we talk about memory issues? This seems to be my number 2 problem after balance. I am forgetting all kinds of things! I used to think it was my age (54, and just diagnosed with MS a few months ago), but apparently that and my balance worsened dramatically in the last year. So last night I forgot to close my car windows and my moonroof, and of course it rained! On Sunday I was trying to tell my daughter the names of some friends who had attended a ballgame with us and could only come up with random bits like the daughter's name or the woman's nickname. Conversations with my 18-year-old are often hilarious because she's always prompting me to get the full story. I don't always notice what I'm not remembering because, well, I don't remember! Anyone else dealing with this? Is it MS or age (or both)?

    1. I have serious memory issues I forget all kinds of things from one moment to another. I used to be a good student, I could read anything quickly and could remember what I read. Not anymore, I am a spanish teacher in high school and am rapidly losing my ability to remember the words I want to use. It is frustrating but there does not seem to be anything I can do so I will just live with it

      1. I have it for 3 days at a time now, I'm 61. It just started 1 year ago.

        1. I forgot my social security number the other day...that freaked me out!

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