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Confused me

Hi can anyone out there help me in1995 after a week in sutherin General me i,lp×2and a lot of tests I was told by my doc i had ms then again sumtime round 2000 after Mir +l.p. same news then the usual a went back to work found myself sober saying with my no
Their went to my go asked for a complete not on myself (1 Mir scan later and a don't havè it MS that is) HOW DO I FIND OUT

Thank you


  1. Hi, this doesn't seem to make sense. You were told that you had MS and then later told you don't have MS. If you have MS, it does not go away ever. You should get another neurologist and see what he says and maybe he'll want another MRI or want you to have a lumbar puncture. Let me know what happens.

    1. Davy, I am very sorry that you are having to go through that confusion. Unfortunately what happens at times is that there is a difference between the sensitivity in the testing equipment used in the two locations or in the tests used themselves. Some tests performed give better results than others. Some equipment is more powerful and can detect lesions that others cannot. That may be what has happened in this situation. My suggestion would be (to settle the question for yourself) ask for a copy of both tests results, get the MRI on disc and the print out of the LP, and take them to an MRI radiologist who regularly reads MS tests; someone who actually knows what should or should not be there. Have him look at both discs and tell you (your doctor) what his conclusion is. Not all doctors and equipment are skilled at diagnosing MS. So if your symptoms say MS, you have two priors that say MS, and only one that says it's not but the symptoms are still there, then the issue may be equipment or whose reading the disc. Donna Steigleder, Moderator,

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