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How do you deal with with people laughing at you?

I got a question that a person with multiple sclerosis can answer. When you want to work and you go out to do yard work, You start to get dizzy after only a few minutes so you sit down on the steps, you wakeup after a bit. You try to get backup to go inside when your legs don't want to move. And you end up on the ground. I found it hard to deal with people laughing at me. My question is, how do you deal with this? "You want to hit them but can't move fast enough to get to them."

  1. First, take time to laugh @ yourself. Second, remember they have absolutely no idea that life can throw you a curveball and evidently they have no chronically ill loved ones. Third, some people absolutely love to flaunt their ignorance. Just take a couple of extra walking sticks and ice packs with you when you go out. You cant fix stupid so why get mad at it?

    1. I hate to only agree with everyone else, but I can't help it in this case. I've only been diagnosed for a year and the lead up to that diagnosis and treatment was no picnic. But it's all about how you see yourself/your ability to shake things off. I'll fall, stand up and my legs are in full spasm so I look like I'm doing a clumsy Gregory Hines impression, and it's easiest to joke about it. Very few people understand the foibles of this condition, and even fewer understand that it's not the same for everybody with it all the time. Just roll with the punches and don't expect any kindness from strangers or acquaintances because that's an unfortunate rarity these days. Laugh it off if a stranger is being a putz, joke about it to your friends and relatives to halt the initial tip-toeing around in attempts to be overly sensitive, and narrow your mental support system. When all else fails, yell "SIZZLE!" when you fall in the hopes someone around you remembers Animal House in great detail.

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