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Dizziness and vertigo

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  1. One of my symptoms which lead to my diagnosis was my vertigo just like many people who have MS, but I have a few questions which may or may not be related. Today, I was visiting someone in the ICU of a hospital. As I road the elevator from floor to floor, my legs began to feel like jello from the start. This has happended to me in the past, also. Later, as I walked down the hallway to my loved one's room today, I began to feel very strange. I could describe it as wooziness and feeling somewhat light headed, but not queezy. I could also describe it as experiencing slight anti-gravity. This was the ICU, so there were monitors and a variety of machines turned on in each patient's room. I felt like my body and brain was buzzing from all of the electricity, which I know may sound strange. I have felt these same sensations when I have entered the section of a medical facility set up for MRIs and other imaging. After I had my own MRIs, I have had to be helped off of the table and from the room. Also, I've had these sensations when I was close to a powerful magnet at my job, which was not related to the medical field. Has anyone else experienced anything like this or is this just me? These symptoms faded away the farther I got from these places. By the time I got home today, I felt pretty much back to normal. Am I sensitive to high EMF or is that idea just a myth? Is this just MS related or what do you think?

    1. Ugh. Vertigo is sooo annoying! On average, I probably experience it 1x/week. Things spin around and I see two of everything. I usually just sit down, rest and wait for it to pass. Usually, it's preceded with nausea and I've tried eating copious amounts of yellow mustard to help ease it. Vivian: not sure if what you're experiencing is MS related or not. Probably something to take up with your neurologist during your next exam. Hope you're well. C.

      1. Christie,

        You are probably right. I've never heard of using yellow mustard. I'll have to remember that.

        Hope you are well, also.





        1. Here's an article from on dizziness and vertigo that I thought you find interesting. Cathy

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