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Driving with MS

Does anyone else have trouble with driving ? Feeling so numb and like in a dream ? If so does anything help ?

  1. Hi, ! Driving comes up quite a bit in this community! In addition to any feedback you may get from other community members, I wanted to share an article on this topic for you to check out -- You are definitely not alone in this! I hope this information is helpful for you! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. , I stopped driving a little over a year ago, because I had become partially blind. A recent test showed that I have less of a blind area now for which I'm grateful. I'm wondering to myself, if I have full vision again, would I drive again? I have cognitive issues to seriously consider. I read the article Erin suggested and found it very helpful. I printed it to have it easily available in case I get the urge to obtain a vehicle again. 😀 For now, I am fortunate to live close to public transportation and have retired friends who are glad to give me a lift. Having to adjust to less income since March 2020, I have to admit that I don't miss the expenses a car brings with it! Good question you asked. Stay safe out there.

      1. , I didn't get my driver's license until I was in my 30s. I actually didn't need it for most of my life because I had the advantage of a great public transportation system that could get me anywhere I wanted in the Portland Metro Area and later, NYC. Since I'm an older driver, I tend to be much more conscious of my surroundings when I'm driving. That said, little over a month ago I had to be in Tampa, Florida for a funeral and I needed to rent a car while I was down there just to get around. The first thing I noticed was that driving was exhausting. Not so much as physically, but mentally exhausting. I would've let my husband drive but he accidentally let his license lapse during the pandemic and hasn't fixed it yet because he's also in Grad School. I noticed that I couldn't drive after dark. I don't have night blindness, per se. My night vision isn't as clear as it use to be and I don't like taking chances. I noticed all this when I was in New Orleans about five years ago but I was on the cusp of a full blown relapse at that time. So, I do what I can to avoid driving after dusk unless it's an emergency. I combat the mental fatigue of driving by limiting how much driving I'm actually doing. I know that I can't sit in the driver's seat all day long and pull a long haul like I use to. I'm also a bit lucky since my son has his driver's license and if I need to pull a long haul anywhere, we trade off every two hours of driving. So, I will drive for two hours and have a break of four hours (when my husband gets his license renewed). I also can't drive when it's to warm. Despite having an AC in the car, the bright light and monotony of driving can trigger a migraine. As for that dream-like quality you get, my mom calls that "white line fever" and a lot of professional drivers also get this. It's just more noticeable with us. Happy and safe driving.

        1. Hi @DKCook1972. It sounds like you are very conscientious and aware of your limitations. I am glad you have options and support for those times when you can't drive. Safe driving and thanks for sharing! - Lori (Team Member)

      2. , I hope you find some answers or solutions that'll help.
        I still have a license but chose to stop driving due to my dysequilibrium issues. Spacey & disoriented seemed like a bad combo behind the wheel😧 I don't like the loss of self-sufficiency, nor pressure it puts on my partner, but safety came first.

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