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Could dry mouth and incontinence be related?

I am incontinent. Woke up this morning airy, dry mouth. On my first trip to the bathroom, my incontinence diaper was bone dry (unusual). Could this be related?

  1. Hi @lisasync,

    Urinary dysfunction can be comorbid with MS. The article at the link is an excellent interview with a urologist that looks at all aspects.

    Many members report experiencing dry mouth, but remember that dry mouth is also a common side effect of many medications.

    We would definitely recommend that you speak with your doctor regarding any new or changing symptoms. Thanks for being here! -Warmly, Donna ( team)

    1. Donna, thanks for replying. My doctor wants me to have an new MRI( oh no) Waiting for this year’s insurance to kick in.Will leave a message for her with the nurse.

      1. Hi , oh gosh, yes, that's frustrating, the waiting :-/ Sending good wishes that you're able to get in soon and get some answers and some relief. (((hugs))), Donna ( team)

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