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Employment with MS

I need your feedbacks please regarding your jobs please: I got MS couple of months ago and I am on sick leave.
Happened that I lost my marketing job with Covid-19 last year. Few weeks later, the neurologist tells me I have MS. The symptoms are hard on me and the fatigue is huge every day. I stress and anxiety is very high today, I don't see myself working 8h per day in an office, my body doesn't allow it.
Therefore. I am wondering if I should think about considering "easier jobs"?
What jobs do you have? Can you handle a 9-5 job without any problems or stress? I need your help please

  1. Hi @Lisa-Sweden. A new diagnosis can be awfully overwhelming, especially during this pandemic. It's hard to say what kind of job might be easier for you. Every journey with MS is different and you might also feel differently in a month or two if this is a flare and you recover from it. Are you able to go part time? If so, do you think that might help? I would like to share two articles with you. This one is for people who are newly diagnosed with MS. This one is about tips for fighting MS fatigue. I hope this helps and that you start to feel better soon with treatment. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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