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Exhausted and short fused

My husband has had MS for over 10yrs. He's just getting to the point where he's giving in and getting in the chair. He needed to be in it s while ago but u can't tell someone to stop walking and get in the chair. He falls, stumbles, struggles for every step. He uses walker,scooter and had now agreed to get in the chair. I feel selfish because I want him to go ahead and give in and get catheters, wheelchairs, handicap vans,lifts, whatever else. So it will be easier for me. It's very selfish but I'm EXHAUSTED. I'm tired, stressed and in desperate need of a break from reality. But that's not gonna happen so I'm at least glad I can vent.

  1. Hi Kplane, thank you for sharing! Feel free to come and vent here whenever you need. There are a number of caregivers in the community. You might find things more active on our Facebook page -- It's okay to feel tired and burned out and exhausted. Caregiving is hard, hard work. Have you been to the CareGivers Action Network? It's a resource for primary caregivers. You might find it helpful. If you haven't read them already, our contributor, Donna Steigleder, has many articles on the challenges and rewards of caregiving. She is the primary caregiver for her husband, who has MS. If you type "caregiver" into the gray search box near the top right of the page, you will find tons of articles about caregiving that might resonate with you and help you feel less alone. This is an article on our site about spouse caregivers you might find interesting -- But aside from reading articles and links, please know that you are welcome here and you are not alone! Please keep us posted on how you and your husband are doing. Thanks so much for sharing. Erin ( Team)

    1. Got over the exhaust. Not used to it, just realize it us part of what we call MS. Stay cool, stay fed, stay cool, try not to be an ,×%$ $[ hole fir no reason. I love Neudexta. Best drug I have taken I was actually in the trial for it years ago. Really like it. Flattens me out when I am getting kranky, pissed off or just in a bad mood.
      Talk with your Neuro and maybe get on it too!

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