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Flare Up of Symptoms


I was wondering if these symptoms are familiar with any MS sufferers here.

At night I am getting calf muscle pain in both legs and also in the button cheeks to a lessor extend, feet are numb but warm ... to the point that I can't sleep.

It gets worse as the night goes on ... then when I get up, my legs are very stiff but it fades during the day to almost not noticeable and then starts over when I go to bed again.

I've had that calf muscle pain since I was a teenager on and off, but its worse the last 2 weeks than ever.

At the same time I have this muscle pain after I eat ... mr Dr says its very strange and sent me to physio. It went away for a while now its back again at the same time as the calf muscle stuff. I had endoscopy and all is fine. Dr says its the muscles.

I also have this buzzing in my feet .. its last about 5 seconds and I get it several times per day. It is also a recurring issue that comes and goes.

I have all of this on and off for years. I want to know whats going on !!

I also get headaches several times per week and terrible migraines and bad tinnitus attacks.

My Dr keeps saying its probably stress !

  1. PS - I keep getting stinging when I pee on and off and dizzy that lasts for a few seconds every now and then.

    1. Thanks for your reply Janus.

      Gnashing of teeth, dosn't sound good ! I don't think it's that with me though. Sometimes when I get a migraine the sharp pain goes from my teeth to my eye, and sometimes I just get the teeth pain without the migraine.

      Very interesting the link about that all over body buzz because I have had something like that years ago. In my case it felt kind of pleasant almost like an out of body experience. I would get it when I woke up in the morning for about a week or so. It's come back once or twice since. My iron was low at the time so it was put down to that ... I also had numb feet at that time and that was put down to low iron too. I have also had the jumping out of my body feeling ... I put that done to extreme anxiety but my mind isn't anxious about anything at the time.

      Sometimes my symptoms seem to fit MS so well, but then I have never had a muscle spasm that has made a limb move involuntary for example and that seems common.

      I've been getting this stuff on and off since I was a teenager, at that time it was put down to growing pains.

      I've also been diagnosed with IBS ! Spastic colon was seen under colonoscopy and I have had years of bowel issues.

      For the last 12 months I've been fine (apart from the headache / migraine) until 2 weeks ago ... I've been worse every day since then. I just finished an hour on the lounge room floor on my back due to muscle pain over my stomach and stiff aching spine .... my cat helped by laying on me !

      I think my Dr is getting sick of me to be honest, last time I went he mentioned something about a very long list of issues with smirk on his face ..... I did mention MS but he said that MS causes some very specific symptoms that I don't have.

      Taking nurofen and panadol tonight in the hope of some sleep.

      Thanks again.

    2. You're so very welcome Steve!

      Just a side note, if you've not had an actual diagnosis of m.s., it's very important to keep in mind that there are other diseases/conditions that can mimic the symptoms of m.s.

      It might help you to look over this link as well, regarding the actual diagnosing of m.s.

      Lots to read, but hopefully something will help! Janus

  2. Sorry the more I think about it the more I realize how stuffed up I am ... I also get twitching in my lips, again it comes and goes aswell as pain in my teeth, sometimes the bottom row sometimes the top row.

    If any of this sounds familiar please let me know.

    1. Hi steveo,

      while you're waiting for some feedback from the community, I can only tell you that my personal experience with tooth or mouth problems was with teeth grinding, which resulted in 8 cracked teeth and wearing a bite guard at night.
      I didn't even realize I was doing it until a routine visit to my dentist.

      If you talk to your doctor about this (if you haven't already) and they can't help you regarding these issues you're having with your mouth, maybe a visit to your dentist could be beneficial.

  3. I can only imagine the frustration you've had after all of this time with these symptoms steveo. Stress can certainly take its toll, yet on the other hand it would be nice to have some reassurance and relief I know.

    I will tell you that you're not alone in experiencing many of these symptoms and am glad to hear the endoscopy was fine. I'm including some links for you:

    In the above link, make sure you look through the secondary and tertiary symptoms list as could be surprising!

    I don't blame you for wanting to know what's going have every right to know what's happening.

    Don't feel guilty if you need to keep after your doctor, and if you have any new symptoms or the symptoms get worse, your doctor should know that as well...again, please keep us posted. I hope you get relief soon! Janus

    1. Hi all,

      For the past 2-3 months the top of my leg has been numb. This is the area above the knee on the front of my leg .... about a 6 inch patch. Sometimes its a little burny and sometimes in bed it feel like there are insects in the bed - there arn't .. i check !

      Is that area a common area for MS numbness ?

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