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Gold Nanocrystals for remyelination

I understand after reading the community rules that I shouldn't disclose clinical trial information or the specific company developing new neurodegenerative therapies. Based on publicly available information related to improved disability score, I can confirm its validity and am excited to get my life mostly back to normal after I finish my treatment. No side effects and much improved walking, visual acuity, balance, and cognition. Anyway, this therapy probably won't be commercially available until 2023/24, but in my short experience with the drug, the holy grail of remyelination is coming.

  1. I'm happy to hear that you are feeling better. Everyone responds differently to different treatments, and while there is no cure yet, many things help us feel better. We learn by sharing information with each other, and each of us has to make careful judgement about what we decide to do. With so much emerging in treatments nowadays, it gives us hope. Thanks for sharing. Best, Debbie (Team Member)

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