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Gold Nanocrystals for remyelination - update - phase 2 trial at UTSW

Hello. 5 weeks of the trial and I can report increased mobility (less footdrop,) visual acuity, and almost zero fatigue issues. Zero side effects from the drug therapy. I feel like I did 3 or 4 years ago before my MS symptoms worsened. I hope that continued treatment will lead to complete recovery.

The clinical trial study at the Univ. of Texas Southwestern needs up to 15 more volunteers with RRMS/PPMS to participate in the trial. It's free and they give you a small stipend. I have to travel there 6 times for evaluation and dosing, but it's well worth it in my opinion.

I'm happy to provide more information based on my experience.

Info on trial can be found here:

Update on research progress:

  1. Thanks so much for sharing ! I have been reading about this. Please do keep updating us on not only your progress but the entire experience (I'm sure some folks love to even hear just about what it's like being part of a clinical trial, in addition to the specifics of this particular one)

    1. How awesome, . I echo what Devin wrote. This is fascinating research and I would love to hear more about your experience. Please continue to provide updates if you feel comfortable doing so. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

      1. Will do! Happy to answer any questions about my experience to date.

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