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How do I explain what I need to a family that does not understand?

I need help with a family that does not understand. My husband and 4 adult children are angry that I’m changing and I need to resolve my issues. How do I explain what I need?

  1. , sometimes the best way to approach those discussions is to plan a meeting with your health care provider and your family and let your health care provider be the one to do the talking. When the message comes from an authority figure, often the family will listen to the message where they will not when it comes from someone within the family that they have a preconceived bias toward. Call your PCP and ask if he/she would consider having such a talk with them.

    1. Thank you Donna. I think that has to be the best solution. Some may agree to go. I don’t know about all of them but the ones that go at least maybe will have a better idea to help. Thanks for your answer

  2. Let them read about ms. Go to an MS chapter meeting. If they don't understand and you are feeling bad, tell them. Get tough. You have a disease and they need to learn about it. If they don't... Walk away.

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