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How has MS impacted your friendships and relationships?

  1. Yes. Dx 2009 RRMS that has steadily progressed with no relapses or MRI changes since 2011. Dependent on rollator at home and use wheelchair away from home >75% time.

    My best friend of over 30 years has slowly drifted away. They (we hung out as couples a lot) weren't ones to face adversity so it shouldn't have taken me so long to figure it out. I know it's hard to "invite" me places, and I'm hesitant since I'm so dependent on other folks for help once I'm somewhere - plus I worry about banging up their walls. But never a visit, only a rare call or text - no contact for a couple months at a time?? I know I have little new to contribute and it's often not great news but this is me now.

    But most importantly, my husband of >30 years is a wonderful caregiver, very attentive and loving. He's taken on most of my home responsibilities (forced to retire 3 years ago) too. I have 2 wonderful adult children with their own families now. I focus my energy and uptime for them. I love them more than anything.

    But I still miss my girlfriend.

    1. Hi Susan Elizabeth, I'm so sorry to hear that your friendship has drifted apart. I'm glad you have such a loving husband, but I completely understand that a close girlfriend is sometimes just what a person needs in different situations. It's so understandable that you miss her! Thank you for sharing your experience here- as you can see, you're definitely not alone in having your relationships affected by life with MS. Please remember that the community is always here for you!
      -Alina, Team Member

  2. Many of the friends I have made over that past umpteen years have drifted away now that I am not out and about so much. I do have a few very good friends who have stood by me and try to include me in activities as much as possible.. I am also fortunate that my husband is very supportive (sometimes too supportive) . he also makes sure I get out and about on a regular basis so I don't just vegetate at home.. I do miss many of my friends but I understand life gets in the way sometimes. And I am thankful for the handful who have stayed close.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      We hear you- MS and it's many symptoms can definitely make it so much more taxing to get out and about. I'm really glad you hear that you have friends and family who continue to include you and support you. Thanks for sharing your experience here!
      -Alina, Team Member

  3. I have found that the majority of people I know, have met, haven't a clue as to how MS affects my life. They have made comments like, "Oh I know how that feels", or "I'm tired too", or "Yeh, my legs hurt too when I'm on my feet a lot"....They really just don't get it!! And because of that, I find them to be stupid, uncompassionate, disrespectful and have no desire to be around them.

    1. Hi Tess. I am sorry that your son is having a hard time accepting your diagnosis. I hope he comes around soon. If you think it would help, feel free to share any of our articles with him! Thank you for being a part of the community. We are always here for you! Best, Christine, Team Member

    2. Hi LuvMyDog,
      It can definitely feel hurtful when others try to minimize the effects MS can have. Thanks for being part of the community!
      -Alina, Team Member

  4. For the most part, my friends have been quite understanding. Unfortunately, my sister has chosen to not learn anything. She is never able to help. I know now I've never been considered part of her family. Perhaps the best way I've found to help explain what is going on in my body is to ask my friends to attend a Super Women with MS meeting which is moderated by my neurologist.

    1. Hi Bettybeem! Thank you for sharing. I am sorry your sister has not learned about MS and how it affects you. Having your friends attend a Super Women with MS meeting with your neurologist is a great idea! I am glad they have been supportive and willing to learn more about MS. Thanks for being a part of the community! Best, Christine, Team Member

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