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legs give out and I ell

I have had MS for 37 years now in the last 7 years my legs given out. The first time I was across a street in a near by town. lady was waiting a the lights with a RCMP behind her. She helped me get up with police man to. She took me home. Asked if I had MS this happened to her husband. I let this pass me by. Then about 3 years later my legs gave out when I was walking on a treadmill. I let that episode go. Now this summer I was swimming in a near b lake as I was coming out with my wife they gave out again. She me out with great difficulty. Now 2 days ago it happened again. I was doing a little job outside went to get the mail 3 blocks up and back. My walking was getting very hard. I could only take 2 steps at a time. By the time I got off the side walk to go up slight incline to get to the railing my legs gave out completely. I laid in the snow wondering what to since my wife was not home. I mange to get on bum and to the railing. With great difficulty I managed to stand up. I hobbled into the house. Has any with MS had this happened to them. Just wondering

  1. So sorry to hear that, ! Sadly, I'd say leg weakness and falling are common issues for many people with MS, myself included. They are issues that you should definitely mention to your neurologist, even if they don't happen all the time.

    If you are interested, I actually just wrote about leg weakness: and I've covered my problems with falls as well:

    1. Hi . That used to happen to my father when he was out for running except it never crossed his mind that he had MS. The incidents were far enough apart that he would forget about them until the next time. This went on for almost 30 years before he was finally diagnosed. As Devin noted, it is a fairly common problem for people with MS. I hope the article Devin shared help. Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

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