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Lidocaine Patches for nerve pain

I've been dealing with SEVER nerve pain for a while. If any of you have read some of my articles, you know that my body is Uber sensitive to any type of opioids, heck medication in general!

I have tried A-Z with reactions from severe stomach issues to anaphylacisix and everything in-between. My doctors really don't know what to do with me. I just laugh and say that this is God's plan for me to go through life in pain, it is my destiny, my life lesson, my Karma if you will.

But I happen to have been prescribed a lidocaine patch several years ago for my back...that was kind of a joke, it didn't touch that pain. However, this SEVERE nerve pain that I have been having for about a year in my upper thighs (think of someone peeling back your skin, taking an sos pad and just scrubbing your nerves, yeap it's that painful). I happen to have a patch laying around and I was desperate and opened and put it on my thigh and within 10 minutes my pain level went from a 9.5 to a 4!!!! I was able to sleep! I couldn't believe that I went a year without knowing about how pain patches help with nerve pain. Not one doctor said anything to me about that.

So, if you are dealing with nerve pain (I will say I suffer from TN as well but the patch is not recommend to be near your eye so I'm not sure I would put it on my face the next time I have a bout of that) but I would recommend anywhere else on your body that you are suffering from nerve pain!

Has anyone else discovered this? I do know that the insurance companies ask for a PA AND they are super expensive even with insurance but you can get them about a 1/3 of the cost from using GOOD RX.

  1. Thanks for sharing that ! I too suffer from hellish nerve pain and haven't had many things help. I've tried a lot, but not that! Something I will look into now!

    1. I hope it helps Devin...nerve pain is no JOKE!

      1. WOW I wouldn't think about that either. Glad it works for you and hope it continues.

        Thanks for sharing
        Mike Russell

        1. Thanks Mike! It was a happy mistake?? But after researching it...there it was!

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