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Life With MS

I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. I was in construction 30 years when I could no longer do it mentally or physically. Mentally was the worst. My last year working I lost 4 jobs. Losing my train of thought during meanings. Depression. I went on disability then.

The wife and I moved to a house with 1 floor living, but it did have a basement. Water issues cropped up in the basement.They were fixed. I then set out to refinish the basement. It took me 9 months to do it. But it's done exactly how we wanted it. It is something I'm so proud of. I thought I couldn't do it. You lost this Battle MS.
My basement

  1. That looks fantastic, ! It must feel so good to have completed this. No wonder you are proud. You should be. Thanks for sharing this. You really brightened my day. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. That's fantastic ! Looks great and is a huge accomplishment, thank you so much for sharing!

      1. Nice man-cave.

        1. Your basement is outstanding-very professional looking! Love the pic. My son is in construction and I worry about him developing MS or some other disability that physically incapacitates him.

          1. It is so hard not to worry, , but I hope he never develops MS and that he is able to enjoy a long career in construction. I am sure you hear lots of stories about multiple people in families developing MS, but there are at least as many stories about people who are the only family members with MS. My father had MS and had eight children. Some of my siblings have adult grandchildren at this point. Not a single other person has shown signs of MS. I know that won't stop you from worrying, but I hope it brings you a bit of peace. Gentle hugs. - Lori (Team Member)

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