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Looking for guidance with so many symptoms

I am not officially diagnosed. However, the more I experience and the more I read, the more I feel I may be dealing with MS. While I know a doctor is really the only one that can really say what is going on, I am really just looking for some guidance and some reassurance that I'm not crazy in suspecting MS. I have been dealing with so many symptoms over the years. I always thought my random symptoms were unrelated to each other but now I have so many together that I can't ignore that they must be related.
It started about 10 years ago. I was having lots of blurry vision, coupled with daily migraines that only affected my right side, always felt I had to keep blinking to adjust the blurriness. Thought my eyeglass script was off or just had too much time at a computer screen. Eye doc said all was normal, said script had only slightly changed. New glasses and eventually the blurriness got slightly better but occasionally would still flare up. Went to doc for migraines who ran tests and prescribed meds because nothing OTC helped. Got pregnant, had to stop the meds, but then mysteriously, the headaches went away with the pregnancy.
Then came the tremors in my hands and a non stop deep ache in my arms. They became so achy and fatigued I could barely stir a spoon in a pot to make dinner without being reduced to tears. Then I started getting non stop earaches, and was convinced I had an infection but doc didn't see anything.
Then came the sexual disfunction and recurring UTI's. To say that that caused issues was an understatement. I then began having deep pain in my legs and feet that had me worried I had a blood clot. Went to ER, where they ran tests and ruled out a clot, then basically told me it was likely sciatic pain (which I know it's not because I am a long term sufferer of that as well due to scoliosis). I also gets lots of what feels like zapping nerve pain in my legs. Feels like I get an electric shock down my legs into my ankle joints that literally jolts me with pain so severe that I end up in bed in tears. Fatigue is a constant issue and I find myself looking for every moment I can sleep. The latest new symptom this year has been some issues swallowing and a constant hoarse voice. I used to sing opera music but now can't even speak without sounding like I've got laryngitis coming on. Now, the headaches come and go again, the recurring blurred vision is back and I deal with random ear aches again. I still deal with the urinary and sexual issues, the deep limb pain and zapping pain in arms and legs. And there are other random and weird symptoms that I experience that I don't know what to make of that would make this already long post into a book. While all the symptoms alone could be any number of things, my gut tells me that all these together has to point to something like MS. I'm at my witt's end and the anxiety and depression from all these symptoms is making it hard to function. I just want to not feel so lost and broken.

  1. , I'm very sorry that you are going through so much. It is challenging to experience symptoms and not have answers for them. It's really frustrating, too, when you've mentioned these symptoms to doctors and have been tested for other causes without any significant answers still.

    You are absolutely correct in that a doctor would be best equipped to find answers. But you've already tried several doctors on different occasions. If everything you've experienced can be explained by MS, it would be best to consult with a neurologist who specializes in MS. Here is a resource where you can search for an MS specialist:

    Please know that you are not alone and we are here for you. In preparing for consultation with a neurologist, it would be a great idea to create a timeline (similar to what you have done here) with what you've experienced, any testing/consultations you had done with results, when things started and what/if anything seemed to make the symptoms go away. Be thorough, yet concise. Also, please be aware that sometimes the road to an accurate diagnosis can take a long time. My took over 5 years.

    Best wishes, Lisa, MS Team Member

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