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What medications are people taking for MS fatigue? How are they working?

  1. Hi poetgirrl,
    In addition to other feedback you may get from the community, this article gives tips for managing fatigue, including mentioning the use of the medications Symmetrel or Provigil: I hope this is helpful! Thank you for reaching out!
    Christina, Team

    1. Thanks, Christina!

  2. Hi Poetgirl! Of all the things I've been given, Adderall XL 30mg is what helps me move every day. My pcp recently gave me phentermine to try for weight loss bcuz Nothing was working. The combo was amazing! For a few days I felt as close as I've felt to Me as I have in YEARS. But it didn't last long. I had a neurologist who retired after seeing her 2 or 3 times. She did know about MS, but her replacement is a sleep specialist. His thing was to get me to try other MS meds. It was also his consensus that a larger dose than 20mg of Adderall (it may have been less) would make no discernable difference. No clue how he came to this conclusion but I had to question the purpose of there being other doses! Ended up getting my script from pcp. I've tried provigil but it made me feel 'crazy'! I've now found a neurologist who is MS specialist. Very Important, tho unless they have MS they don't Know!!! Please forgive my long windedness! (The xl on Adderall makes a dif too)

    1. Thanks, Petie! Very helpful. I agree that having a neuro who is an MS specialist is important.

  3. Concerta 54mg. It's an ADHD drug but it keeps me from needing a nap most days.

    1. Yes! I use Dexedrine extended release spansules, and sometimes take an Adderall booster at noon if need be. Vyvanse is by far the best drug I've taken for this but it's fairly new, expensive, and difficult to get your insurance to pay for. Best of luck.

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