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MS and Another Auto-immune disease?

I guess I have no story as of yet. But, I am full of questions. The main one being: Is it possible to have more than one horrible auto-immune disease at the same time? I have been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosis since 1978, but have had symptoms since junior high school. Is it possible to also have MS at the same time?

  1. Hi Winterthunder2,

    We are sorry to hear of your Systemic Lupus Diagnosis. A moderator will reply shortly regarding your question about having more than one autoimmune disease at the same time. Thank you for your patience.

    -MS Team

    1. yes you can have more than one autoimmune disease, I have ms, sjorgen's syndrome, lupus and RA ..

      1. I have more than one autoimmune disease; I have MS and RA. My mother has more than one autoimmune disease, but her combination is different than mine.

        One of the challenges in having more than one disease is treatment choice. Sometimes one disease can limit your choices treating another. But sometimes the same treatment can be effective against two autoimmune diseases. This is where your entire healthcare team needs to work together to help you find what is appropriate for you.


        1. I have MS, RA, possibly central hypothyroidism (only possibly because my lab result fluctuate between normal & borderline positive) and many symptoms suggestive of Lupus. As my neurologist put it "One can have ticks & fleas too." Personally, I would pass on all "livestock" of the parasitic variety, lol, but yes, it is definitely possible to have more than one autoimmune disorder at once. Cathy

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