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MS and College

So I've heard a lot about how MS can cause depression and sometimes increase anxiety. I was diagnosed when I was a freshman in high school and had to deal with multiple flare ups, but luckily I was able to graduate and am now in my freshman year of college! I love being away from home and attending classes that I actually picked out myself, but dealing with MS symptoms and having to miss classes some days due to MS really upsets me and has definitely increased my anxiety levels. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for dealing with this disease while attending school? I haven't met anyone my age with MS yet and would love to get some advice!

  1. Hi veronicar10,
    Thank you so much for your post! I'm so glad you are enjoying your freshman year of college so far, but I know it can be difficult with also having to handle your MS. You may enjoy reading this story that another member of the community recently posted: I hope you find this helpful and relatable! Please keep us posted with how you are doing throughout school. We wish you the best and want you to know that we and the community are here for you anytime!
    Christina, Team

    1. Thank you SO much for that attachment. That really helped and inspired me because my plan since I was really young has been to go to law school and I kept talking myself down, saying that there's no way I could do that if I'm having trouble going to classes in undergrad, but reading that story made me realize that I can do it. Thank you so much again!!

  2. I'm so glad you were inspired by it! You can do it! Please keep us updated along your journey!
    Best wishes,
    Christina, Team

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