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MS Constipation

Hi All,
I'm pretty sure ms is causing me chronic constipation.

I think my intestines are spasming shut, to the point that nothing solid will move through. The food just piles up in my small intestine in the same place right below my brestbone. Basically I eat without pooping for 4-5 days, then I cant take the pain anymore and drink natural calm all day until everything is liquid and flows out. My poop is also pencil thin when I am able to poop.

I've had a ct scan and an sigmoidoscopy and everything was unremarkable. I was not having symptoms for both of these. The prep for both basically puts me into remission. When it first started happening, I got weird tingling/thightness in my chest, along with intestinal pain. That's what pointed me towards ms. The tightness directly correlated with the constipation and my 100 other symptoms. I always describe it like my poop is pushing on a nerve in my intestines. It's full time now, with rare relapses for a day or two.

Has anyone else had this issue? Did any medications work?

I've tried reglan and Im currently taking muscle relaxers. Please dont say fiber, water, etc. I've tried them all. Most of them make it worse as bulk appears to be my main problem. The reglan appeared to work for a few days, but seems to be doing nothing now. I'm trying flexaril now, but it does not seem to be helping yet.

Are there any tips or tricks you guys use? I'm scheduled for an mri on the 30th, but I'd like to get my digestive system working asap and I'm not sure I'll be getting any ms meds anytime soon.


  1. Hi Kurt,

    I'm sorry that you are going through this. Was the gastroenterologist you consulted as specialist in neurological disorders? A brief search revealed that there are some gastrointestinal disorders that can cause neurological symptoms, or there is possible crossover between conditions.

    Gastroparesis is a condition that can go hand-in-hand with several autoimmune diseases, including MS. With gastroparesis, the GI basically slows way down and doesn't function well. Please do mention all of your symptoms to your neuro and your GI doctor.

    I have chronic constipation and notice that things improved when I started taking daily dose of magnesium to reduce muscle spasms. Magnesium might be the reason that Calm works for you.

    I really do hope that you can find some longterm relief. It sounds like cycle is uncomfortable, unpleasant, and definitely frustrating.

    Best, Lisa

    1. what did you do for your constipation?

    2. Hi , I wanted to share some insights on things you can do to help constipation as mentioned by our advocates. This particular article I am linking here mentions drinking a lot of fluids, increasing your fiber intake, supplementing with stool softeners when needed, and establishing a regular schedule. Of course, we always recommend that if you are experiencing a symptom like this, to speak to your doctor about a plan of action. In the meantime, here is the article I mentioned. I really hope it helps! Warmly, Kayleigh, team

  2. The daily use of an old-fashion glycerine suppository (whether I feel like I need it or not) helps me. It's not a solution but again, it helps a lot. I know that if I took in enough liquids each day, it might be a fix in itself. Best wishes.

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