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I am a fairly new diagnosis -- less than 18 months.

Almost daily I am "hugged". As the day progresses the tightness gets worse and the distention makes me look like I'm about to deliver triplets!

Has anyone experienced abdominal tightness and distention?

  1. Omg! Mine is in my stomach and back, with pain in my lower back and pain and sometimes on the right lower abdomen. Also a time it "catches" and turns into a full blow muscle cramp! I thought it was something to do with my kidney. I just thought I was fat or bloated! Mine comes and goes, but this I've had now for almost a month now... Seeing my neurologist next month. I look forward to talking to you. I just joined and don't know how to add my pic yet..,

    1. YES!!!! While, I Also have endometriosis ; I've had a total hysto , however mine never went away, when I begin to feel a flare come on and the "HUG" starts to feel like it's crushing my ribs , I suddenly look like I am about 6 months pregnant; what's amazing is that it can happen within 5 to 10 minutes! It is SO painful! You are NOT alone in this. I also have ISBD, and diverticululosis, which means I have had to learn by trial and error what works for me; but I am at my best when I stay away from heavy dairy, raw vegetables, nuts and seeds. Of course, everyone's body is different; but I also find that I have less of a HUG when I eat as gluten free as possible . It may not not work for you, but I learned that eating low fiber and gluten free helped me out ALOT! Hopefully, I've said one thing that can help you.

      1. Thank so much for sharing, Bentley! I hadn't considered the gluten-free option, but it makes sense and could very well help other community members. Thanks again for sharing! Best, Erin, Team Member.

        1. I have the exact same thing. My doc put me on gabbapentan & also a muscle relaxer and it helps with the hug & the abdominal bloat. I am having an upper GI done to make sure it isn't my stomach, but it's probably from the spinal lesion's location.

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