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MS Treatment Commercials

Fill in the blank:

If you directed a commercial about MS, it would include ________.

  1. MS is never boring as it changes daily.

    1. , you're quite right! MS can definitely keep a person guessing!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

  2. Everyday I awake my life is an adventure in pain, fatigue, mobility issues, weakness in limbs, mental health and loneliness.

    1. It's not always smiles and happy. There are tough days where you have to fight thru.

      1. This is so true and such a great suggestion. I don't know why they shy away from showing things like that. You'd think that they'd understand that there is a lot of validation that is provided to others when you see that you aren't alone in something. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective here. I think a lot of people would definitely agree with you. 🧡 Kayleigh, team

    2. Life with a Balance and Mobility Service Dog.

      1. I am planning to adopt a Golden for that purpose. Would love to learn about others who have done so!

      2. That's amazing!! Please do come back and share any progress if you don't mind! Also, we are BIG dog people here so please feel free to share pics once you find your furbaby! 🧡Kayleigh, team

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