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MS Treatments

What medication are you currently taking to help manage your MS?

What do you like about it?

What don't you like about it?

What medications have you tried in the past and what were your feelings on it?

  1. Currently I'm on monthly Kesimpta which is working out for me pretty well. Still don't "like" injections. Also, been prescribed Baclofen (3Xday) for leg muscle spasms. That is a pain to take as it's 3X/day (remembering the afternoon one-yeah, right), trying to take 3 doses of meds 8 hours apart (not up that many hours in a day), and makes me feel "off" in my digestive tract. Pharm D said to take with small amount of food (helps a lil bit) and can dose 6 hours instead of eight. Don't want you to get up early or not go to bed til later just to take this pill. Overall, this current Rx (Kesimpta) is prob the third or fourth med I've been prescribed. As I am pretty new to this MS Party, I've been overwhelmed (imagine a Surprise Party given in your honor with tons of attendees and you are not comfortable in crowds). Just starting to find my way.

    1. oh my goodness, it can be quite a choreographed effort to fit all the medications and supplements in at the right time and either on an empty stomach or with food... it's a lot. I'm glad you're giving voice to this all too common struggle in managing an illness. You're helping others to feel seen and understood by voicing this, so thank you!

      I'm glad to hear that the Kesimpta seems to be working well for you, and I certainly hope that the schedule of the medication eases up a bit for you.
      We're grateful to have you part of this community and conversation.
      Alene, moderator

  2. Thank you for your reply post. I am open to trying out different methods of making it easier to take meds on a schedule (except the cell phone alarm).There surely are more "hacks" out there that I don't know about.

    1. Currently on OCREVUS. Only 2 years though. Had a relapse just as I took the first infusion. Don't like the fact that I basically spend an entire day at the infusion center! Started out on COPAXONE. That went fine till a lesion showed up that had no associated symptoms (that I could tell). But got 'needle fatigue' from it. Switched to Techfidera for 5+ years till my blood numbers tanked out.. I liked it b/c it was a daily pill! Been on OCREVUS ever since. Looking to maybe switch... We'll see 'fingers crossed'

      1. Same for me. Copazone, a few years then needle fatigue with painful welts. Then Tecfidera. Now Ocrevus.
        Infusion sure beats shots and taking a pill that would upset my stomach and give my skin a roasty red hue. I can’t forget to take it. 4th infusion tomorrow!

        1. it went well thank you😁
          I have young children I watch at home, so this time alone is a peaceful time I can think, meditate, or read without distractions. I read Wahl's book last time, and this time I read about cd20 monoclonal antibodies on pubmed. I am a nerd so it passed the time well.

        2. That's awesome! I'm glad that you're able to find some quiet time to "nerd out" on your favorite things! 😆 It sounds like you have some fascinating topics you're looking into! 🧡 Kayleigh, team

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