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My MS has decided to show itself physically

My MS has decided to show itself physically. Four years I’ve known iPad MS and went to work every day and discuss things with other people all the time they never knew I had MS. One day I got a call into my bosses office he said I couldn’t be out on a job site anymore because his insurance company found out I had MS we used to build schools in the area. They were not too happy when I was walking around jobsites of schools being built?
That was the day I found out that the insurance companies rule the world. One day I was vice president of field operations the next day I was home with my kids!
I spent years knowing I had MS without showing any symptoms at all at home trying to take care of my kids. 10 years went by still getting along well physically then all of a sudden it flared up, all the medicines I was prescribed I was told they wouldn’t make me feel any better but they would stop the progression, The progression slowly got to be more and more and today I’m laying on my back in bed and can’t get out of it.

  1. I am so sorry I totally understand the unfairness I was dx’d in 1999. Did they try IV steroids?

    1. Hi Mike.🙂 My name's Molly. Whew! You were BLESSED to be able to hide /mask your MS from your boss and co-workers for those 10 or 14 years! Glad you can take care of your kids!😉 I'm thankful I can still take care of my kids too.
      You make a very good point. Insurance companies DO rule our world 🌍 🤨 Just finding an MS medicine that meets with THEIR approval, is absolutely frustrating and heinous! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!👍 May He help our lives get a'lil easier!

      1. Hi Mike (). I can't help but think that the stress of your MS situation at work contributed to your progression. Stress can do that to you. What ignorance on the part of your employer! Did they not even try to accommodate you at all? Insurance companies do rule the world and it's a shame. I am glad you were able to hid your MS all those years, but you should not have had to. I am so sorry that happened to you. Is your doctor working with you to help you regain some of your mobility? Are you in physical therapy at all? Sending the best of all wishes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

        1. my situation was vaguely similar, I think. Anyway, diagnosed in 92 with MS. Was on disability.ain symptoms were fatigue,and spacicity, a few other minor annoyances. Was only taking medication for fatigue Cylert, similar to Adderall. In 3 years time , symptoms had disappeared. Started back to work, even went back on Army reserves and ended with a job at IT Police. After 5 years, started new career path in pest control. Did that for 19 years 6p to last July. Diagnosed with an infection similar to Lyme disease. That apparently triggered 5he return of MS. Only this time with pain, possibly in part due to spinal stenosis, narrowing of spinal column. And here I am
          Grateful I had 25 years to work, etc

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