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Natural remedies

Share your experience with natural remedies as part of your MS management plan. Get the conversation started.

  1. I have had MS for almost 2 years now. I am on medication, try to eat right, and exercise as much as possible. I have also done a lot of research on meditation and what it can do for your health. I am going to be writing a blog on my journey with implementation Transcendental Meditation in my life and see how it will affect my health with Multiple Sclerosis. I have been doing TM for a few months now. I will be going in for my next MRI in March so I will be ale to see if there has been any changes. I will be updating periodically on the good and the bad.

    1. From one of our community members:
      Hi all,

      I was diagnosed in 2007 after a period of not looking after myself and a lot of stress. I decided to decline medicine and try other options. I used food, supplements, changing my mindset to a positive one, the placebo effect, exercise, getting rid of toxins, candida diet, healing my leaky gut and more to get better. Today I am symptom free. If you want to read more details about what worked for me I recently wrote my whole story on my blog

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