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Numbness and tingling in lips

I have recently been diagnosed with a mild case of MS. I have had tremors for years and recently developed numbness and tingling in my lips. I was wondering if anyone else experiences this? I notice that it is worse in the mornings. Thank you.

  1. Hi MeowScha,

    As you may know, numbness and tingling are common symptoms of MS. Where you might feel the numbness/tingling depends upon where the nerve damage is located in the CNS. The lips would be connected to cranial nerves.

    Please know that tingling/numbness might also be caused by other conditions or might be a side-effect of medication. Call your doctor when you start to experience something new and unusual.

    In answer to your question, have I experienced this? I've had numbness/tingling in my face but not my lips.

    Best of luck,

    1. One of my first symptoms was numbness and tingling around my mouth. Then I had a lot of other unrelated symptoms like itching balance issues and difficulty lifting my legs as well as tingling in my right hand and both feet. I was diagnosed with MS in October 2014. Good luck to you.

      1. I have cold lips a lot. Never thought lips were cold but I've amazed many people by kissing their foreheads..

        1. Thanks for sharing, JohnnieG! Do they feel cold to you or just to others? That must be an unusual experience!

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