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Is it possible to have MS with O-Bands and negative MRI’s?

I have O-Bands but no lesions yet, and so have not been diagnosed with MS yet. My symptoms started 7 months ago with extreme muscle weakness and burning and extreme fatigue at times. Sometimes my body has had trouble holding it self up, my back muscles give out. Other times I cannot walk by myself at all and need help.

My legs just won’t hold me up. Sometimes it is hard to hold my phone up to my ear as my arms get weak. I have had neuropathy in my right arm and right leg, and I have tiny muscle twitches in my calves all the time. I have had several brain and spine MRIs which were negative except for white matter, as I am 54 years old, and which my neurologist says is normal.

I have had two lumbar punctures which are positive for O-Bands unique to my CSF. I am seeing a neurologist who specializes in MS. He doesn’t seem to think that my symptoms are consistent with MS because the weak episodes come and go. The weakness is always there but the severity changes all the time. I have been tested for everything else under the sun and it has all been negative. Super frustrated and just want to know that there is a diagnosis for me so that I can move forward!

  1. Hi , it's techincally possible to have a lumbar puncture come back as positive while your MRIs appear negative (it very rare cases, the standard MRI can't look deep enough). It's extremely rare though. Being positive for O-bands primarily suggests that there is inflammation of the central nervous system due to an infection or disease, but not necessarily MS. I would ask him what other reasons does he think it's not MS, and if not that, then what? I would also seek a second opinion, a fresh set of eyes on your case can make a world of difference.

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