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My neuro says I am not a candidate for this. I don't know if it's my age 66 or if I am too far along..34 years. Two limbs affected so far.

I haven't decided if I want to appeal.

Is it worth all the trouble and side effects?

  1. Hi, ! I am sorry your neurologist has decided Ocrevus is not a good fit for you. Did he/she expand on their reasons as to why this might not work for you?

    There are a few different medications you can look in to for managing your MS symptoms. And, Ocrevus works well for some individuals but others have found it not to be a good fit. Check out this list for some possible ideas for treatments to try --

    I do hope community members with experience with Ocrevus see your question and chime in here. Like I said before, some members have found it totally worth the potential side effects --, while others have found it to no be effective in managing their MS symptoms --

    I hope this information is helpful for you and keep in mind that ultimately, you get to decide what treatment plan to try -- after all, it's your body!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I'm 57 and have had "mild" symptoms for several years. I am fully mobile. I don't know what the criteria are for using this. Anyway, I have recently finished by second bag of the first infusion dose (11/1/21). Other than the initial fatigue from the benadryl and steroids, I have felt very similar to the weeks leading up to the infusion. I may not be the best source of info here due to the early stages of treatment though. My wife says that she is not noticing any additional declines that I had been experiencing in the months leading up to the infusion. I can't see much change but I did not have any noticeable side effects. I still pay the tax for over doing it and I continue to have the other symptoms prior to treatment. It was explained to me that it should slow or (hopefully) halt the progression. I would be happy with slowing it. It is very expensive but covered by my insurance and highly recommended by my Neurologist who I have a lot of faith in so I am going this route. If I notice anything I will post to this site somewhere.

      1. , I am glad you took the time to share this information! I feel that having more community member experiences to draw from is always a good idea. I hope Ocrevus is a great fit for you and yes, please do update us, if you feel comfortable doing so.

        Thank you for sharing!

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. Be Grateful they don't want you to take it!!!

      Ocrevus RUINED my LIFE for over a YEAR... IT WAS HORRIBLE!

      FUCK THAT MEDICINE, stick to what works, or the old tried and true!

      Shitty shitty drug..

      1. , I am sorry Ocrevus was not a good fit for you. I know some meds really just do not work well for some individuals. I hope you are on a treatment that works well for you, with less severe side effects.

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

    3. I'm 63 will be 64 in a few months. From what I was told it's our age. Something to do works best on the younger who still have mild symptoms. Have I been misinformed? I would love to hear from anyone in their 60's and are on Ocrevus.

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