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  1. I have deep, stabbing pain in the back of my legs. Anyone have this?

    1. Indigo Girl,

      I'm so sorry you are experiencing such stabbing pain in your legs. Unfortunately many people with MS do experience pain. I thought perhaps you'd find some answers in this article by about pain. I highly recommend you speak with your MS specialist about the pain you are experiencing. Together you can explore what medications are most appropriate for you and your specific MS issues. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

      Best always,


      1. I have a pain from the bottom of my feet that goes up the back of my legs. It feels like my skin if raw and bruised. Clothes hurt it, water hurts, pretty much everything hurts it. It used to happen a couple of times a year but now it's once a month. I'm trying to determine if its linked with heat or stress. I only every lasts less than a week but sometimes it hurts so bad it seems unbearable. Has anyone else experienced this?

        1. IndigoGirl - I also have leg pain. It is sometimes a stabbing pain, sometimes my legs feel like they are extremely cold or on fire, electrical sensations, etc. my neuro prescribed a combination of anti-seizure drugs that help. Talk to your neurologist. Good luck!

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