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Please CONNECT with us on Facebook! MS Walk Team Bill's Buccaneer's Portland, ME

Our team walks once again for it's 3rd year on April 27th. Each year our goal is to raise the bar on our previous year. We strive to double the number of team members and at minimum double the number of our donations. We are definitely on track and never stop even when we reach our numbers. Bill was a team member for another friend with MS before he was diagnosed. The heart of this has grown each year with more and more friends and family connecting with the impact of this disease. I walk with Bill as a friend but also in memory of my mother who lost her battle with MS in 2005. Our donations come from others touched by a friend, spouse, roommate, a neighbor or even a coworker. We have a new location for our walk this year, right in downtown Portland. We are excited that this will build even more awareness in our community. We are still looking for more to join us, you are welcomed as well! Currently with a team of 73 and going strong. There's no stopping us now! Celebrate life and please come join us on April 27th!!!

    1. That's a great team story, Vanessa. I wish I was in the Portland area to join you - keep up the great efforts, we all benefit from them. best, Laura

      1. Vanessa,

        You should post this everywhere you can. Facebook, Twitter, local newspapers, fliers.

        Good luck to you and thanks for all you do for people with MS. You rock, girl!


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