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Was reading a thread about a device that helps with gait. FDA just approved this in March. Portable Neromodulaton. Pons, It sits on your tongue and gives off zaps. Very interesting, hope to talk to Nero about it. Also was wondering if anyone has tried it

  1. HI @blondie078! One of our advocates recently wrote an article about that device. Here is a link: You will find lots of comments on the article, too. Fascinating device! i hope it is effective. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi Lori,

      I was the physio in a small trial using the PoNS for gait and balance rehab in subacute stroke. Here is the article:

      We found that the combination of physio rehab using the device was more significantly effective than rehab alone for improving balance (measured by the MiniBEST test). The difference was clinically significant, meaning the control group were below the cutoff for falls risk and the PoNS group were above.

      The article talks about how it's thought to work and describes minor "adverse events". It doesn't mention that it also made some folks salivate quite a bit, but remember these people were post-stroke, not MS. I believe there are studies in MS out there.

      I'd love to do work with using in for MS rehab, but it's not yet approved for use in Australia!

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