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Relapsing MS

Share your experience with relapsing form of MS. Get the conversation started.

  1. 58 year old woman have had MS for 35 years. Betaseron, Avonex and lastly infusion. Still walking & talking. Symphony are fatigue, bladder difficulties take Oxybutynin regularly. Try to stay active walking and swimming. Mother of two adults and four grandchildren.

    1. Hi iam 52 and have had ms since childhood transitioning to secondary progressive I think

    2. Oxybutynin was a killer for me cognitive wise that is. Was on it for 20 years and I couldn't think my way out of a paper bag. My neuro sent me to a urologist who specializes in MS patients and he put me on a new med and took me off of Oxybutynin and my mind cleared up immediately. My neuro said they knew that about it but didn't have a better answer. Just a note for anyone on Oxy.

  2. Does anybody here have a therapy dog

    1. I would love to have a therapy dog, but no longer able to take care of one. Pets of all kinds appear to boost energy and your happy button. I recommend it.

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