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Should or shouldn't start a new dmt?

I was dx in 06 with rrms but they think I has since 77. Start on betaseron however side affects we to bad and bad bruising I stopped. I didn't tell the doctor. Then in 2012 dx with bc and chemo put my MS in readmission for years then Ms started to act up. Went back on new dmt tecfedia only for 4 months,it dmg my liver. Now doctor says it's up to me if I want to try a new dmt. I just turned 61 and doctor says it doesn't matter now because of my age. Still debating he wants me to try kesempta however I don't want chemo based. Plus the my out of pocket is to much, I'm on medicare. So I control it with limited time each day on what I do. Heat for me is very bad. So summer time it's worse. I sleep with AC, fans and ice packs besides meds to help sleep. I read about the giveaway. I would love the ice blanket one. I never applied for any cooling items thur Ms society or never asked questions before on a forum

  1. Hi and good morning! It sounds like you have been on quite the journey. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing it here and also, welcome to posting your first forum submission! Our forums are a really great place to share your questions or even just thoughts and for other community members to have a discussion with you about it. For our cooling gear giveaway, we're asking everyone to post their questions in this forum: That way Matt, Moyna and Devin will see it and you'll be entered into our giveaway. Thanks you so much and again, we're really happy to see you in the forums and I hope to see you around some more too! Warmly, Kayleigh, team

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