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So much for family support

Living with for 20+ years and when you say you can't do something due to fatigue taking all ur energy and ur an emotional wreck and they say oh wise up you can't be that tired!!!!! YES I FCUKEN CAN!!! being made to feel useless because your not as able as you used to be. I am in tears struggling with life, iv no-one to lean on, my parents died, mum 2016 mnd and dad died 2019 cancer, as iv said I'm a mess, lonely and just plain fkd up. I hate my life so much

  1. You have come to the right place, . You are not alone. You have a huge community of people here who understand your unrelenting fatigue, your loneliness and all that you are going through. You are not useless, but you might need someone else to help you see that and to help you weed the negative people out of your life. Have you ever considered seeing a therapist, preferably one who specializes in chronic illness? You have been through so much in these past few years with the loss of your mom and dad. My heart goes out to you. That must have been quite difficult and the stress of your losses probably made your MS symptoms worse. Have you talked with your doctor about how you feel and about your fatigue. There might be ways to increase your energy levels at least a bit. Here is a wonderful article from one of our advocates about fatigue that might interest you: The same advocate, Devin, wrote this article about friendships: Don't let others beat you down. Instead, raise yourself up. Talk to your doctor about your fatigue and depression. Find a therapist you can talk to. Eliminate the negativity and try to reach deep to remember the things you like about yourself. Find things that interest you or that you are passionate about and pour yourself into them. Do you like to read, craft, listen to music? Do something that makes you happy. This is your space, a place where you can vent or come for support whenever you need it. Thinking of you and sending lots of gentle hugs your way. - Lori (Team Member)

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