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Soft velvet skin

Hi everyone!
This past 10 months has been a real carnival ride. Can't get a rule out diagnosis because mid testing my neurologist stopped accepting my insurance.
As a positive side effect of time waited, a pattern or 2 have shown themselves. My husband noticed an increase in symptoms during my hormone cycle. But the strangest skin gets so incredibly velvety soft that it's practically painful to feel it. It almost hurts when it's touched. I break out with acne more, too, like I'm not letting go of the old skin cells like I should.
I'm really curious if this is just me? What's causing this? It's not normal.

  1. Hi Lolagraknowla.
    We appreciate you being a part of our community! We're so sorry to hear that you had to stop testing midway through due to insurance reasons. The velvet skin is definitely something that gets me! I do hope that some of our members are able to reach out with their personal experience on this issue.

    Best - Meagan, Team Member

    1. Meagan,

      Thank you for responding! I'm relieved and a little unsure how I feel about sharing yet another bizarre symptom of this paths trials. I know in my heart what is happening, and it's frustrating to not have definitive answers, but do we ever really? So, each day a new beginning and a new set of hurdles. I have a referral to an out of town neurology group, so hopefully I will get a little more help. I've been experiencing the "hug" frequently, and unfortunately also had a bout with the flu.. which has been been kicking some booty, this nausea....ugh. I rarely get sick with "bugs" but this came in quickly. I knew the week prior I needed to take it easy as I had the reminders of my constant companion showing themselves more strongly than usual. Took the week off of work and slept off the bug. Man...I've never felt so exhausted in my life!
      Do you know what causes the velvet skin? I can't find anything about it to research.

      Thank you!

      1. Hi I get that as well and my doctor never really says why it happens. Guess i'm not really that persistent with it either I will ask again though. It likes hurts to the touch right? even if someone grazes over it? or lightly rubs against you even with clothes on? I can't pinpoint when it happens if i ate something am stressed or what it just happens then stops. I will definitely let you know when i ask.

        1. Hi! Monday I had an answer. I do have ms. What that means is I will have a doctor that will answer my question in a context that will give better answers. Yay for that. Boo for the other.

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