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Mental Health, Emotional Changes, and MS

What’s your experience living with MS and mental health? Do you have certain ways to cope with the mental and emotional aspects of MS? Share with us here.

  1. Hey Kelly,
    I have dealt with many changes in my mental health, ever since I was diagnosed with MS. I deal with depression, anxiety & Panic Attacks. I've learned to not bottle so much in, and just get things 'off my chest' so to say, so that things don't build up to where I"m overcome with too much at once.

    I've heard yoga helps a lot, and I want to start trying it. I also, obviously, write to help me vent out my feelings. In the past, I've spoken to a therapist, just to have a person listening to what I was saying, that wasn't involved in my day-to-day life, like friends/family.

    I try to take time out for myself, each and every day. I try to do something just for me, as often as possible. By that I mean, relaxing bath, without kids banging on the door, etc.


    1. I was diagnosed 3 months after my son was born, which this year will be 18 yrs.. I am unable to take any of the ms drug to slow it down (unfortunately I have a wonky system)... I no longer ambulate so that will set things off especially in the wintertime, I can go almost a whole month without going out, and the 4 walls tend to start closing in after 3 weeks... So I deal with alot of mental health issues... Especially depression/anxiety.. Once I get headed down the rabbit hole (that's what I call depression) it just keeps getting darker and smaller in size which will then set off my anxiety.. I fortunately have great family and friends... They have realized that when I'm skipping down rabbit hole that I sometimes will have an outburst of different emotion and have learned that not to take some of my outbursts to heart (thank God).. The one that seems to get a little more outbursts is my boyfriend... He understands me (thankfully) and knows to see between the lines and the words and to see (to the best of his ability) what is actually causing the outbursts and goes from there.. I try very hard to control the outbursts and the down hill spiral but as some can understand that it just bursts out (hence the name "outbursts" lol ) so I find myself apologizing a lot and I've had ppl tell me not to apologize but I was brought up with common courtesies so I feel that I HAVE to, then I apologize for apologizing.. It becomes a vicious circle that reminds me of the picture of the snake eating its own tail and it just gets smaller and smaller..

  2. Hi Ashley! Thanks for sharing with the community and posting here!!! Sometimes it can be hard to escape kids banging on the door 😉 These are great tips for the community!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I have really become a recluse since the beginning of 2015. Only taking to a select few people. It became exhausting explaining MS and putting on my brave, happy face. Since then my mood continues to decline, though I am partnering with my doctor to find the best avenue to beat it and find a happy balance. Realistically, I just hate being around people that aren't family anymore.

      1. Even though I don't feel like making this effort I force myself to be social. I always feel better when I am with other people.

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