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How do I cope with the stress after a divorce?

I am currently separated from my husband has been almost 23 years and stress because of divorce. I am 42 years old. How do I cope with the stress?

  1. Hello staceyfrw1! First off, I am sorry you are dealing with a divorce. Even if it's the best choice for a couple, that really doesn't make it any less painful.

    I do hope you have a support system to be there for you during these days of adjusting to a new life. I wanted to share an article with you specifically geared towards taking care of yourself after you lose a loved one. Now, as someone with some personal experience with divorce, I know many people liken the end of a marriage to a sort of death and you can treat it as such. So, I hope these tips are helpful for you --

    Divorce *is* a lot like death. You should be allowed to grieve at your own pace and practice self care to maintain your health. Here is another piece on managing stress with MS that might have some good suggestions to consider --

    Basically, don't be afraid to take care of yourself as best you can and lean on those who care about you. Thank you for reaching out and I hope you have many, many better days ahead!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Keep a positive attitude. As we all know, life is too short to let simple minded people in our lives get us down.

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