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Just finished my IV infusions to help regain feeling. Will symptoms come back?

Newly Diagnosed. I just was diagnosed and finished my IV infusions to help regain feeling. I was numb from toes to abdomen on both sides and crept into both hands in pinkie and ring finger through palms. I have regained power besides hands and still hopeful. My question is is does symptoms come back? I went to target and started feeling the numbness go in my feet and legs again. Is this part of the MS and something I need to learn to live with?

  1. Hi DahlblomDriven! This would be a good question to ask your physician. Some of this may be dependent on the type of MS you have. Any changes you experience following infusions should be noted by your physician, so you know whether the treatments are working or not. I do hope you continue to regain feeling in your legs and arms! Thanks for reaching out and good luck! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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